Amirkabir Introduction

Amirkabir is one of the newly established cities of Iran, located 2 km east of Arak, in the central province of Arak – Qom highway. The construction of the city was approved by the Supreme Council of Architecture and Urban Development of Iran for the purpose of collecting the population overflow of Arak.

Geographical location

The city of Amir Kabir is bounded on the south by the Arak-Qom communication line and the village of Ebrahim Abad, on the north by the Tehran Southern Railway and the surrounding hills.

Population Reception Capacity

The construction of the city will take place in three phases, with the first phase anticipating the recruitment of 5,000 people in the city by year two. Also in the second phase of the project, by year 3, the city’s population is expected to increase to 6,000 and eventually reach 100,000.

The first villa in the country

Due to the government’s policy of providing housing for low-income people in the form of Mehr housing, the government was ordered to build villas in the city. Accordingly, it is known as the first new villa in the country.