Meeting to review the problems of the partnership project with the cooperation organization

In this meeting, it was decided that the Cooperation Organization will carry out asphalt operations on the 11.7-hectare site during the next two weeks and gas extraction, base and asphalt operations on the 42-hectare site within the next six months.

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Video conference of the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development with the public relations managers of the new cities

. At the beginning of the meeting, the Director General of Public Relations of the new cities of the country spoke and while congratulating the public relations day to the colleagues of the new cities, he drew the public relations horizons for the coming year. The fundamental changes in [...]

Amirkabir New City Development Company CEO visited the greenhouse

One of the tasteful citizens of Amirkabiri named Mr. Tahmasebi has turned his single yard into a greenhouse and has planted all kinds of apartment flowers, gardens, trees, shrubs, tomato seedlings, and peppers for the well-being of his fellow citizens and home-based business. They also visited the greenhouse to [...]

Disinfection and disinfection of Dr. Hesabi School in Amir Kabir New City

With the instructions of reopening the schools and in order to protect the health of the students and the peace of mind of their parents, Dr. Hesabi School in the new city of Amir Kabir was disinfected and disinfected by the hardworking staff of the Civil Engineering Company. [...]

Engineer Moradi Naraghi visits the water wells of Amir Kabir city

After a field visit, Engineer Moradi said that we should take water supply seriously from now on and develop it with the help of the governor's office and the regional water company of the province, in order to develop the city's green space and the national action plan, which [...]

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