. At the beginning of the meeting, the Director General of Public Relations of the new cities of the country spoke and while congratulating the public relations day to the colleagues of the new cities, he drew the public relations horizons for the coming year. The fundamental changes in the era of communication and public relations, the need to provide up-to-date and accurate reports to the people, proper information about the volume of construction activities in new cities, the active presence of cities on Instagram and receiving citizens’ opinions were among Mr. Nazari’s important speeches at the meeting.

Then the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development was added to the list of public relations managers of the new cities and congratulated all colleagues on this day. Engineer Taherkhani first had a brief chat with all the managers and then in important topics, public relations strategies as the first role of a company’s success. Extent of public space, special attention to cyberspace, receiving comments and suggestions in this format Instagram pages of new cities, addressing people’s problems in urban services, using the necessary and attractive tools in information, the need to pay attention to ethics in public space and space management Virtual as well as more interaction with municipalities and city councils were among the speeches of the CEO of the parent company specialized in new cities development.

Also, in a part of this meeting, the public relations manager of Binalood new city, on behalf of other managers of new cities, expressed some of the problems in the field of public relations, and after summarizing the issues and issues raised in the symposium, the two-hour meeting ended. Due to the importance of public relations in new cities, these meetings will be held every three months in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development.

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